WSU Water Faculty,

Are you interested in Being a WSU Delegate for the Universities Council on Water Resources?

WSU is an institutional member of the Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR), which is a great organization that focuses on connecting academic water researchers, educators, and others for sharing expertise, building leadership, and developing partnerships for addressing water resource issues of today. If you are not familiar with the organization, check it out at

WSU has had a long history of involvement in UCOWR, with WSU faculty holding various executive positions in the organization and being active participants in its conferences and activities over the years. As an institutional member, WSU is entitled to a contingent of Delegates to represent WSU in UCOWR, and we are looking for delegates!

Becoming a delegate is a great way to learn about the organization and become involved to the extent that you want to. We would like our delegates to be active in the organization and attend its conferences, but being a delegate requires little actual commitment, and comes with a Delegate Luncheon at the Annual conference (free with your registration fee 😉), at which you have an opportunity to meet active members, learn about the organization, contribute to its governance and future activities, and talk about your water interests. This year’s conference is June 26-28 in Pittsburgh, PA. You can see information about this conference as well as past and future conferences at

If you would like to become involved — or more involved — in UCOWR, consider being a WSU Delegate. To inquire, contact Jonathan Yoder (Director of the State of Washington Water Resources and Lead WSU Delegate to UCOWR) at or 509-335-8596.