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Seeking volunteers to participate in usability testing activities.

CUAHSI is currently working with the Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI) and the Purdue University Design, Visualization, & Cognition (DVC) Lab to perform a usability analysis of our website.

We are seeking assistance to recruit volunteers to participate in usability testing activities. Volunteers will be asked to perform a series of easy tasks, like locating information on the website, and to describe their thought process while performing the tasks. These activities will provide insight on how to improve the dissemination of information on our website moving forward.

The entire activity should take no more than 45 minutes and it’s okay if volunteers have limited familiarity with CUAHSI or the website. We aim to schedule the testing now through February 8th.

Those interested can reach out to me directly with questions or to schedule the testing.

Emily Clark
Project Manager, CUAHSI

Water Resources Club

The Water Resources Club at Washington State University is a community of students and advisers committed to engagement with local and regional water issues.  We cherish and celebrate clean and bountiful water for humans and wildlife, alike.

We are from many backgrounds: engineering, environmental science, art, cultural and spiritual wisdom, policy, and economics. Join our club to add your voice today.

We at the Water Resources Club are passionate about engaging in education and projects that improve the quality and abundance of water for all living things. We are interested in many facets of water issues: from the science and engineering of watersheds and water systems, to management and policy of water resources, to the regional cultural and spiritual aspects of water. Contact us to suggest a project for our involvement or issues around which we can help spread awareness, or join our club to add your skills and vision.


For more information, please check out our webpage.

Toxics in Puget Sound Workshop

9am-4:30pm on Friday, February 5th to hear updates about monitoring, research and emerging science from the Puget Sound.

The Stormwater Strategic Initiative Lead (SIL), part of the Puget Sound recovery community, is hosting this workshop.   Many thanks to our standing advisory team (SIAT) and planning team for their contributions.

The workshop is designed to identify red flag monitoring for action oriented solutions/strategies.

The February 5th Workshop day will focus on science only and will address PCBs, PAHs, PBDEs and CECs, among other toxics.  We will be emphasizing emerging science and the discussion will address sources, pathways and impacts.

The February 26th workshop- Part II- will address some of the pressing issues associated with our Toxics in Fish Implementation Strategy while providing broader context regarding prevention, human health and a wide range of contaminants and toxics.

Zoom link will be sent upon registration. The final agenda will be sent before the event.

Register here.

Thank you to our funder, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.