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About the Water Resources Club

Founded in 2017, the Water Resources Club is open to undergraduate and graduate students- from any major- who are interested in water-related sciences.  The overarching mission of the Club is to 1) educate students and the public about local, regional, and global water issues, 2) provide opportunities to improve water resources, 3) help facilitate hands-on, research experiences for students and 4) socialize in a relaxed and inclusive environment.

Meeting Schedule

We don’t have meetings set for the 2023-24 academic year but if you are interested in the Water Resources Club please contact Julie Padowski at

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Julie Padowski

Future Events and opportunities

Please check back often for new events and opportunities!

Past Events

USGS Student Internship Opportunity: Hydrologic Model Evaluation Summer Session

The USGS is seeking summer interns to evaluate hydrologic cycle models and observational data across the United States.  A prototype tool has been developed that allows exploration of observations and model results at several spatial and temporal scales.  During the summer, a team of students will engage in rigorous application of this tool to identify the strengths and weaknesses of existing models of the hydrologic cycle.  Students will also have the opportunity to improve the tool and add functionality. Through frequent interactions with developers of hydrologic models within USGS, interns will be challenged to think critically about the representation of hydrologic processes used in models and to consider alternative strategies towards model development and evaluation. Students will be encouraged to think of their work as culminating in a presentation or scientific publication highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of hydrologic process representation.  This unique summer session will be held at the USGS offices in the Denver Federal Center.

Applications through USAJobs are due April 10.


Please contact either of the project leads, William Farmer (, 303-236-4981) or Jessica Driscoll (, 303-236-4979), with any questions.

Join us for our first-ever clothing swap!

Come bring your clothing to exchange for other clothing!

Don’t have any clothing you’d like to exchange? That’s ok!  You can buy clothing for very low prices, as well.

The goal of this event is to reuse clothing, and reduce the water use in clothing production, and to bring awareness to this.


Want to know more about much water goes into clothing production, and what you can do about it?

Check out these helpful articles to learn more:

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10 things you need to know about water impacts of the fashion industry



More Ways to Follow the WRC!

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