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  • Dave Christensen Seminar: Sept 16 2:30pm PACCAR 202
    “How a citizen activist stopped state government for an entire year: Water resource management and rural development”

    Monday, Sept 16, 2019 | 2:30 pm | PACCAR 202

    David Christensen
    Program Development Manager, Water Resources Program
    WA Dept. of Ecology

    David Christensen six years’ experience as the Program Development Manager for the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Water Resources Program. He works with the legislature and elected officials, and leads a team that develops state policies and rules on water resource management in Washington. David has more than 20 years’ professional experience in water resource, public health and environmental management. David holds … » More …

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  • Ecosystem response to the removal of the Elwha River dams
    Ecosystem response to the removal of the Elwha River dams

    Dr. George Pess, NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center

    Wed., Sept 18, 2019| 3:10 pm | PACCAR Clean Tech Bldg. , Room 202

    Worldwide stream and watershed restoration efforts cost billions annually. Normally, these projects are typically local-scale activities that do not have a measurable effect on ecosystem function or services. We present results from the Elwha River, where the largest dam removal ever undertaken resulted in measureable ecosystem changes. The release and transport of tens of millions of metric tonnes of sediment from former reservoirs has resulted in the … » More …

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  • WRC helps develop Egyptian Center of Excellence for Water Resilience

    The WRC is partnering with the American University in Cairo, five Egyptian universities, four other U.S.-based universities, and industry partners to create the Alexandria Water Resilience Center of Excellence (AWR-COE). 

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  • WRC Leads a 5-year Research Effort for Improving Water Use Efficiency

    A new 5 million dollar, five-year project led by the WRC and funded by the USDA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative’s Water for Food Production Systems Challenge Area will be working to identify promising emerging technologies and synergistic policies to improve technical and allocative water use efficiency in irrigated agriculture.

    The research team, which includes scientists at the University of Idaho, University of Washington, Kansas State University, University of Utah, Mammoth Trading, Aspect Consulting, and a diverse group of water users and stakeholders … » More …

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  • Washington State University Water Research is highlighted by Agriculture is America

    An article in highlights a few examples of how Washington State University is working to address Washington State’s water challenges.

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