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To join our Listserv

The WRC has two listservs:
1) WRC_WSU listserv: The WRC_WSU list will focus on both Statewide and WSU-related events (e.g. it will include water-related seminars taking place at WSU).
2) WRC Listserv: The WRC list is primarily for individuals not in the WSU community. This list will omit announcements that are of interest primarily to the WSU community only. All announcements sent through the WRC list will also go through the WRC_WSU list, so there is no need to join both listservs.

If you are interested in being included on one of the WRC listservs, please feel free to join by adding yourself with the following steps:
1. Visit the following link to WSU’s Information Services website:
2. Enter your full name.
3. Enter your email address
4. From the drop-down menu Choose the WRC_WSU list OR the WRC list.
5. Click the “Join List” button and you will be added to the mailing list.

WRC_WSU listserv
WRC Listserv

We welcome your questions or comments:



State of Washington Water Research Center
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PACCAR Room 242
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Phone and email

Jacqueline McCabe Principal Assistant Phone: 509-335-5531


Twitter: @WA_WRC