Each year UCOWR recognizes nine award categories:
Recipients are nominated by UCOWR delegates and are recognized during the Awards Luncheon at the annual water resources conference.

Warren A. Hall Medal
Ph.D. Dissertation
Early Career Award for Applied Research
Early Career Award for Extension/Outreach/Engagement
Mid-Career Award for Applied Research
Mid-Career Award for Extension/Outreach/Engagement
Friends of UCOWR
Education & Public Service
JCWRE Paper of the Year

The awards will be presented at the UCOWR/NIWR Annual Water Resources Conference in Greenville, SC, June 14-16, 2022.

Nominations of candidates for the respective UCOWR Awards must be made by a delegate of UCOWR. Each award has its own criteria and procedures that can be found under the Awards menu of the website or by clicking the links above. Please follow the guidelines required for each award. Submit nominations electronically to ucowr@siu.edu.

Awards Page