An Equitable Water Future, a new report that explores the impacts of water management on disadvantaged communities, and the opportunities to build more equitable water systems. The paper highlights many promising strategies being developed around the country, and aims to build the field of practice around equitable water management in the United States.

An Equitable Water Future draws on the knowledge and expertise of more than 125 water leaders, from utilities, nonprofits, community-based organizations, research institutions, philanthropy, and the private sector. The report is organized around three key areas where we believe progress towards water equity is being made:

o Ensure all people have access to clean, safe, affordable water service
o Maximize the community and economic benefits of water infrastructure investment
o Foster community resilience in the face of a changing climate

We want to share this report with water research centers, as we believe that academic and research institutions have an important role to play in advancing equitable water policies and practices. We hope that this report is helpful as you advance your work on water and equity.

You can find the full report online here: