The Skagit River Basin Groundwater Study is a follow-up to the Skagit Basin Water Supply and Demand Analysis.

Western Washington University (WWU) and HDR Engineering, Inc. (HDR), in collaboration with the State of Washington Water Research Center, are conducting a study to unravel some of the complexity of groundwater resources with a focus on the lower Skagit River valley, between Sedro-Woolley and Cape Horn. The study is designed to characterize subsurface hydrogeologic units and groundwater resources, including investigation of groundwater/surface water interactions and will also evaluate basin-wide groundwater baseflow (groundwater discharge flowing to streams).

The study will produce a more complete understanding of the Skagit’s groundwater resources and aquifers and in doing so will help water resource managers with decision making.  The study will  also help well owners better understand how the use of groundwater is related to streamflow and how they have the potential to influence streamflow and aquatic habitat in their watershed.

Deliverables will include:

  • Well log
  • Three hydrogeologic cross-sections
  • Memorandum describing the utilized data, methodology, and discussion of findings
  • ArcGIS 3D hydrogeology framework model of the study area (electronic file)